Female Sexual dysfunction

Female Impotence – Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Female Sexual dysfunction Causes and Symptoms

In today’s society sexual issues are not discriminated by gender both of sexes are suffering from nearly same sexual dysfunctions.

One of most popular in them is impotence.

Impotence was firstly discovered in males because, visual erection was absent or not long enough when a male is impotent despite of all other stimulants are present.

Female impotence is now a raising issue, which makes tem to avoid sex or makes it an unpleasant experience.

What is female impotence?

Female impotence is a condition when a female is unable to achieve orgasms during sex or don’t even like having sex at all.

Causes of female impotenceSometimes other situations like sex without foreplay can also result in attaining no orgasm during sex, as foreplay gets body ready for further yearning and excitement.

But impotence is when foreplay, a romantic aroma, a handsome significant other and all other things are there but still you didn’t enjoy your sex.

Impotence effect the excitement, yearning, lubrication and orgasm, impotence may affect these all parts of sex or any one of these.

If you lack urge for more or orgasms has vanished under the sheets or sex have become a pain full experience, and this all continues for some unknown reason then impotence might be the underlying cause of it.

Types of Female Impotence

Impotence whether male or female is of two types: emotional and physical.

1. Emotional impotence reflects some psychotic or emotional issues disturbing your sex.

Many females who have been sexually abused, raped or harassed undergo emotional impotence as sex for them came up with disturbing memories and unpleasant experience.

It can happen also when you get to know about the real world, as sex symbolized and fantasies linked with sex in  movies, songs and romantic commercials get burst like a bubble and reality is a bit nasty you might get less emotionally attach with sex.

(Only solution for this type is to get real)

Mental health contributes in this kind of impotence too.

A stressed and pre-occupied mind might not function well in bed as fine as it should.

Symptoms of Female Impotency

The compatibility between partners and situations there relation is facing contributes a lot in sex.

When you have been married for around 6 months and haven’t conceived yet then under this pressure to get pregnant sooner sex might become a regular practice instead of a source of joy.

Getting aware of sexual intimacy at a very early age without a proper guidance might have create some disturbances in young girls making them scared of having sex or talk about it.

This situation can also cause impotence in females.

2. Physical impotence signals issues in your body which are affecting your sex.

The number one reason in female for physical impotence is menopause.

No orgasm in womenIt has so many effects on female genital, reproductive system, behavior,  health and sex life. But all of it is reversible except for reproductive abilities.

Lubrication issues are another thing faced by many women which results in no orgasms during sex and might make it pain full.

Some infections which are unknown to the patient make sex pain full and can effect arousal, lubrication and yearning too (as who will ask for pain anyway).

Certain medications effect female in a way that they feel no need for sex or make arousal difficult for them, arousal leads to lubrication, yearning and then the orgasms are there.

But no arousal means nothing is going to happen. Mostly reported medications for such effects include certain anti depressants.

How to cure impotence?

Impotence is curable but type and duration of treatment depends on type and cause of impotence.

The main thing is to solve that what kind of impotence it is emotional or either physical.

Consult a doctor for proper help but, having issues with sex is common as surveys predict that only 70-80 % of sex results in orgasms.

If problem occurs on a regular note and it seems to last in spite of your efforts you are needed to consult a doctor ASAP.

A guide to evaluate reasons of bad sex your-self at home:

  • Check if this start happening after you start a new medicine, ask your doctor about it but for a quicker clue medicines which dries your mouth dries your vagina also.
  • Go through your life routine and search for things you are worrying over and how much it emphasized you and your health.
  • Look into your relationship with your partner are you both doing good or a bit distant and stressed this can affect your sex life real bad.
  • Get an appointment by your gynecologist to get check for infections your might not aware of.
  • Ask your partner how he feels about sex are you both having issues or it’s just you. If it’s both then problem might underlies in your relationship.

How hard impotence is to treat?

It truly depends to type of impotence and varies person to person also.

Sometimes impotence gets cured only by a use of topical gel like HerSolution especially when cause is related to lubrication and menopause.

Hersolution Gel

While in some cases medications which are disturbing your sex are switched with other ones.

Whereas, in case of infections proper consultation with doctor, dose of antibiotics recommended by doctor and hygiene practices is the cure.

Severe issues arose with victims of sexual abused and in those cases treatment is most prolonged.

Medications along with proper counseling is required, this type of impotence cured in several months and for some cases it extends up to years or so.

What is HerSolution gel?

Hersolution gel is a gel to treat females suffering from impotence.

This gel lubricates the vaginal region and increase the blood flow in that region to make senses feel the most out of sex.

What her solution contains?

This gel is a water based gel which makes it easier to remove after sex.

The ingredients which hydrate the vaginal wall are cocoa and shea butter along with aloe vera. It moisturizes the vaginal region as well as ease in sex later on.

Other things which completes the effects of Her solution gel are; menthol, dipropylene glycol, citric acid, L-arginine, olive squalene, carbopal ultrez polymer, triethanolimine and purified water.

How it works?

Hersolution gel increases the sensations in your body particularly in your vaginal region.

Buy Hersolution Gel OnlineThis makes arousal easier and increases the chances of achieving good orgasms afterwards

It also over all lubricates and hydrates the genitals which results in better functioning of genitals naturally.

It increases the blood flow in pelvis region to revive the muscles and senses in their, which will help in achieving a good sex.

How to use it?

A small amount of gel is needed to be applied on vaginal region before sex and it will work it-self for better results.


Impotence is a real issue and effect people intensely. But, it is curable by following the proper evaluation, guidance and medications.

Many patients who had suffer from it are cured and living a happy and healthy life.

Consult a doctor for your sexual dysfunctions if issues are persistent and doesn’t seems to be leaving.

On the other hand a simple cure to fight impotence is HerSolution gel.

It is natural, effective and quality in a budget kind of product.

It is highly recommended by number of women around the world for its effectiveness in curing impotence and improving over-all sexual health.

Foods that increase female libido

Best Foods to BOOST Female Libido

Most couples don’t give this idea a thought but changing your diet can bring back the lost romance.

To find content after hectic work routines people often eat big amounts of junks and sweets which makes them feel full and satisfied leaving no room for later on bedroom activities.

Eating healthy and particularly including such foods in your diet which increases the sex drive really works.

Discussing about women libido is still considered a taboo in many regions of world. But, closing your own eyes doesn’t declare that issue is resolved it silently remains there tangling the psychological and behavioral patterns of respective women.

A happy married life includes a good sex and for that both partners are needed to be involved equally in it.

A lack of interest makes making love an awkward situation instead of pleasure full time.

The underlying reason behind lack of interest in sex is reduced libido which can be happen in any of the partner.

Problems related to female libido are often neglected and remain untreated if you are feeling no sex drive or having sex seems to be burden instead of excitement it might be that you are having libido issues.

Foods aside giving you energy and nourishment can also help in resolving such issues.

Here we are discussing a list of foods which can help you out in resolving such concerns or you can add these foods in your diet to reduce the chances of such problems in further future.

1. Spinach

spinachSpinach has significant importance in the list of healthy foods.

It is rich in folic acid, natural salt, B6 vitamin and magnesium these all nutrients combine increase blood levels in body, increases blood flow in body and also regulates the electrolytes in body.

Vitamin B6 is essential for production of sex hormones. Spinach is said to increase the orgasms in women.

Effects of it are broad enough to beneficiate men too.

2. Dark chocolate:

ChocolateThe most liked food in this list is dark chocolate off-course.

Dark chocolate is so manipulative it ditches you by releasing hormones which makes you feel that you are falling in love.

By eating dark chocolate you both can fall for each other again and again. It sets the mood for love and excitement.

Dark chocolate also increase blood flow in body.

Caffeine in dark chocolate revives your energy and alertness.

Dark chocolate also has anti aging and stress relieving effects and these both can be the underlying cause of lowered libido means eating dark chocolates helps in regaining your sex drive in numerous ways.

Fish is a source of attaining good fats, rich in omega 3 fatty acids which make your heart healthy. Blood circulation in body is so much of value because a good blood flow boost your sensations making you arouse for sex quicker and increases the feelings of intimacy.

For a healthy blood flow a healthy heart is required, having fish in your regular diet helps you in having one.

The fishes mostly liked or linked with sex drive are salmon, tuna and sardines.

Cold water fatty fishes are recommended for best results.

Fish over all is a super food rich in many nutrients other than omega 3 fatty acids which makes you healthy.

Fish also reported to increase dopamine levels in body which create a healthy mental environment between partners which further helps in physical intimacy.

3. Red meat:

meatRed meat is also an enriched food with lots of energy and taste.

The main nutrient is zinc in it which enhances the blood flow in body increasing the body sensations and functioning of genitals.

Good sensation and increased functioning of genitals makes you excited and arouse women easily for more action.

Red meat also produces testosterones, it is the hormone on which your sex drive relies.

Good amount of testosterones kept you strong and energetic also.

Red meat also initiates production of prolactin hormone which is thought to be the cure for many sexual dysfunctions.

4. Soy products:

soySoy products are so much in trend for people with no dairy tolerance or vegetarians.

Soy products are well known to increase esterogen levels in body which are hormones responsible for feminine appearance and feelings in females.

Soy products enhance the esterogen acceptance at its receptors which makes genitals bath in this hormone.

This lubricates and rejuvenates the genitals you will feel young and excited in bed again.

But, this food is a big no for men because they need testosterones more not the esterogen. Excessive use of soy in men can cause libido issues instead of curing anything.

5. Avocados:

avocadosAvocados are rich in multiple nutrients like fatty acids, B6, potassium, folic acid and anti oxidants.

Avocados are helpful in enhancing reproduction of hormones which facilitates the reproduction. Fatty acids in it are good for your health and reproduction as well.

It has vitamin E also, which makes enhance release of hormones responsible for good sex making that time a pleasure full experience than a duty.

Avocados have good amount of antioxidants also which helps in renewal of genitals for a healthy sex life.

6. Chili peppers:

chiliChili boosts up your metabolism and gets you high already.

Chili induces the release of such chemicals which releases the endorphins naturally this makes you feel high and you feel desire for sex.

Chili also increase body blood flow by increasing heart rate makes you feel ready for action un bed.

7. Asparagus:

AsparagusAsparagus is rich in many nutrients which all somehow aids in sex.

The most abundant nutrient is vitamin E, which boost up testosterones levels that’s needed during sex.

It also elevates the release of histamine chemical in body which is needed to attain orgasms during sex.

Thiamin in asparagus has antioxidant like properties it flushes out free radicals and reduces cell aging.

Other nutrients in asparagus are vitamin A and C, potassium, folic acid and vitamin B6.

Foods like asparagus which are rich in vitamin B and potassium aids in increasing release of testosterones, which is important for a good libido.

In the last my verdict is; treating your sexual dysfunctions with the help of foods is not a myth it is true and has clinical proves behind it.

But, the key is to know that, what really is wrong with you because sometimes stress or work load or other body weakness are to be blamed for low sexual desires not you.

Before starting anything for cure do investigate about the roots of it.

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet which includes a portion of all types of food is counted as a precaution for many diseases.

So, eat well you will surely live well too.

Vaginal Dryness – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Vaginal dryness occurs at any part of the age, which many women are suffering from these days.

The condition is somehow life altering which includes painful scenarios during sexual intercourse and masturbation.

Vaginal Dryness Causes and treatments

Beside this itching, burning sensation vaginal discomfort is also included which makes it hard for a woman to concentrate on other stuff.

The condition is although treatable and there are many physiological and psychological factors involved.

Vaginal dryness can make you experience a lot of embarrassment especially if you are with your partner during sex, chances of proper satisfaction for both of you diminishes.

Let’s see what causes this awkward situation and some tips to treat it with care.

Vaginal Dryness Is Linked to Estrogen Levels

Vaginal dryness due to low estrogen level
vaginal dryness symptoms

There are several facts which tell us estrogen as the main reason behind vaginal dryness.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone which is responsible for many functions such as keeping the vagina moist and sustain the thickness of interior vaginal linings.

Vaginal dryness in many cases is a symptom of vaginal atrophy, which is a common condition where female ovaries produce too fewer amounts of estrogen.

That’s why not only the vagina gets dried, but also female libido (sex drive) is decreased.

Woman’s body secretes less estrogen in the following conditions:

  • Menopause
  • After giving birth, during lactation
  • At the start and ending phase of menstrual cycle
  • Some medication can affect the production of estrogen, especially contraceptive pills or some hormonal birth control
  • Smoker females are much prone to having less amount of estrogen in their bodies than those who don’t smoke
  • Medical procedures like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and removal of genitals i.e. ovaries

Vaginal Lubrication During Sex

Vaginal dryness during sex
natural remedies for vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness during sex can occur due to multiple reasons.

Sometimes your partner is unable to turn you on which results in a dried up vagina.

If he can turn you on and you are still dried, there are some psychological factors included.

If vaginal dryness is present along with lack of sexual desire, then it might be due to low libido level.

In women, low libido is common which is brought up by certain medications and health conditions.

Maybe you are not satisfied with your partner’s tactics to turn you on or there are still some unresolved conflicts.

Some hormones, which swings with your cycle, such as estrogen and progesterone defines your sexual desire.

Majority of women can feel elevated sexual desire during the ovulation phase, which then shows a sudden decrease after ovulation.

The fluctuation in reproductive hormones plays a significant role in delivering loads of sexual desires and sometimes narrow it down.

Sometimes overproduction of these hormones i.e. progesterone after ovulating phase can decrease sex drive which is not the case with every woman.

Some women react differently to these fluctuations but it’s important to track which phase you get mostly turned on.

Here’s What You Can Do About Vaginal Dryness

If you are on contraception and experiencing vaginal dryness, it is time to visit your physician for some advice.

vaginal dryness treatment

Maybe he can switch you to other medications which won’t cause any dryness.

If you think this is because of the low estrogen level you can apply some vaginal lubricants like HerSolution or can even take the pills which contain dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

If your partner is not well-aware about your sexual elatedness, you might want to discuss with him about your sexual likes and dislikes.

Telling him what arouses you the most can help him to keep up.

If you are not sexually attracted towards your partner, then it’s up to you what you do with it. Sometimes having less amount of sexual attraction causes your libido level comes down.

Being sexually aroused and still, you are not getting wet?

Maybe it’s time to focus on the tricks during foreplay, which enhances natural lubrication phenomenon.

Using vaginal lubricants can also help you achieve the first-grade orgasm.

Lubricants – For Better Sex

Lubricants are made to reduce friction between the vagina and penis during sexual intercourse which also elevates the pleasurable feelings and helps to achieve high-intensity climax.

sex lubricant
dry vigina home remedies

Study results show that 90% of women prefer applying lubes before sex which makes it more comfortable and more pleasing.

There are two kinds of lubes available in the market, Water based and Oil based.

Water-based lubes are much preferred as they can be used with a condom.

Unlike oil-based lubes such as petroleum jelly, mineral and vegetable oils which is not allowed to be used internally.

Water-based lubes reduce the chances of pregnancy and STIs which is why they are the perfect thing to apply before sex.

Women who have been using petroleum jelly as a lube are more susceptible to have bacterial vaginosis, says a study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Using oil-based body lotions and other formulation can induce itchiness to vaginal walls/tissues.

While choosing the lubes for your sexual journey, make sure it doesn’t contain Nonoxynol-9 which is basically a sperm-killer ingredient which causes a skin reaction as well as allows certain viruses to pass through very easily.

As a result of which a woman can suffer from a yeast infection, urinary tract infection or even HIV.

Vaginal Dryness Still Happening?

May Be Due To….

Vaginal Dryness causes
what causes vaginal dryness

Some other factors that can affect the season inside a vagina are:

1. Stress

It can be very dangerous to women sexual health.

Stress releases the high amount of adrenaline and cortisone in your system which blocks the proper blood supply to the vaginal region and also changes your mood.

Some stress-reducing activities can help you get over it. Do not take this condition, lightly as it has caused many dangerous outcomes than cancer.

2. Dehydration

Dehydration can occur due to lack of water supply in your body which mostly happens if you consume alcohol or work in the heat.

If you want to get rid of vaginal dryness you should totally avoid dehydration and keep your body hydrated all the time.

3. Anti-Histamines

Medication for cold and allergies, which have multiple effects, including dryness of mouth and other body parts including the vagina.

You don’t need to add anything to them, simply stopping the medication can bring back the natural lubrication process online.

If you are still facing vaginal dryness, then you might be allergic to the ingredients in your soaps, lubricants, perfumery or other products.

If you are using some products which contain artificial odorant or preservatives, skipping them for a while can be helpful to analyze if you are really affected by them.

Washing your vagina with soap or other deodorants is prohibited when you are experiencing vaginal dryness.

Simply wash it with water or use some natural products which decrease the risk of bacterial infection.

Low Sex Drive – Loss of Libido in Women

Libido is defined as sex drive in men or women which is how your sexual stimulation takes place.

Unfortunately, loss of libido is affecting so many men and women around the world which also somehow negatively impacts their lives.

Most of the time it is because of your hormonal system, disturbances in relation and stressful life.

Men and women share different amount of libido, loss of libido can be identified if you feel very little sexual cravings or you can’t perform in the midst of it.

Let’s take a brief look at the main causes of libido loss and from where you can get proper help to overcome this issue.

Normal Causes for Loss of Libido

1. Sexual Problems

In the current era, there have been many sexual disorders identified due to which a person cannot get sexual urges or cannot perform sex.

Some sexual disorders which cause disruption in your sex life and relationship are:

  • Erectile Dysfunction- Most common issue occurs in men where they cannot get an erection.
  • Premature Ejaculation- Either they (men) ejaculate very little or very sooner.
  • Vaginal Dryness- Due to lack of blood supply to the vaginal region and other external factors.
  • Painful Sex- Can be for both men and women due to some issues in the reproductive system.
  • Inability to Orgasm- In men, it is usually occurred due to the lack of Testosterone, while in women it is mostly due to hormonal disturbance.
  • Unusual vaginal tightening

2. Problems in Relation

This is the important factor which you need to analyze, whether if you are happy in your relationship both mentally and physically.

Sometimes having doubts in a relationship is considered a factor which decreases a person’s libido.

Our sexual desires relate to our partners to whom we should be totally open.

Some major problems in relations which can cause loss of libido in an individual are:

  • Completely loss of sexual attraction
  • Conflicts that haven’t been resolved since a long time and turn every time into arguments
  • Long term relationship, where you be with your partner for years and now it craves you to change that
  • Physical issues which impart in sexual problems
  • Lack of trust

The best way is to visit a relationship counselor or sex therapist who might resolve the main issues between you and your partner to keep your passion alive.

3. Depression

women in depressionDepression is a mental disorder which makes you lose the sense of happiness.

A person feels contempt and totally miserable when he/she is feeling depressed, and that person cannot perform sexually.

Not just the sexual health it affects, depression overall affects your personal and professional lives.

Individuals having low libido can show following signs of depression:

  • Never ending feeling of sadness or hopelessness
  • Loss of joyful feelings in normal things
  • Feels no sexual touch of the partner

It might be useful to visit a psychologist or general physician to help you with it. Normally, talking therapies or antidepressants will help you overcome depression.

4. Anxiety, Stress & overtiredness

If you get anxious stressful or exhaust so frequently, beware because they are the big deals that end your happy moments and leave negative effects on your sexual health.

A simple visit to your GP can help you ask him some major questions like why am I tired all the time? How to overcome the stress? Why I get so often muscle fatigues?

Usually, according to your physical health, some multivitamins with low dose antidepressants are prescribed.

5. Menopause and Aging

Loss of libido has very much closer relation with aging.

Men and women age, which slows their system down gradually which is a natural phenomenon.

Factors associated that contributes to lack of libido include:

  • Lack of male hormone testosterone
  • Lack of female hormone, estrogen, and testosterone after menopause or at certain age
  • Age-related problems

Hormonal replacement therapy has been done by many women who are going through menopause which is basically a treatment to increase the level of your hormones.

6. Primary Health Problems

Having a long-term medical condition can reduce your sex drive to the marked extent.

This usually happens due to the stress because of any certain disease that induces such a great change in person’s behavior.

Some believe it occurred because of the side effects of some medications.

Some health problems which affect your libido level are:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular problems, including Myocardial infarction, heart failure
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cancer
  • Surgeries to eradicate sex organs

7. Pregnancy, Labor, and Lactation

low sex drive during pregnancyTalking about women, loss of libido occurs mainly during their pregnancy, after giving birth or while lactating.

This occurs mainly because of the following reasons

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress and Exhaustion
  • Painful sex after sometimes of giving birth
  • Physical changes due to pregnancy that causes confidence disruption
  • Changed in main concerns, like a new baby needs more care than a man

Visit your GP to report these problems, see if he can prescribe you some nutritional supplements to regain your sexual and physical power.

8. Alcohol Consumption and Drugs Abuse

A study confirmed that drinking excessive alcohol for a long time can cause significant loss of libido in men and women.

It would be better to cut down alcohol from your schedule until you get little sexual impulses, then you can consume 14 units a week which is scientifically approved.

Drugs abuse causes the same sexual dysfunctions in both genders which is more serious than alcohol consumption.

You can find articles or take some classes about stopping the addiction which in many cases helped people to get back on a right track.

9. Medications

There are some medicines which decrease libido in men and women.

These are:

  • Medication for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Medication for depression or epilepsy
  • Contraceptive medication
  • Some antipsychotic drugs
  • Medicine for prostate cancer
  • Some anticancer therapies

Before using any medication, please take a look at the “side effects” heading in its leaflet.

Consulting a physician would be wiser as he can replace those drugs with the alternatives, if available.

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How to get the perfect female orgasm

Female Orgasm – Tips to Preserve Women Sexuality for Longer

In coalmines an African finch canary is kept by the miners.

Canary is very sensitive to slight change in the oxygen level around her, if oxygen levels gets down because of any poisonous gases canary dies.

Miners get the signal that they should leave mine as there isn’t going to be enough oxygen to help them breath in a while.

Women and their health is also an indicator of their surroundings.

Women absorbs environment; the conditions their mother was in during pregnancy, the cultural and traditional values around them, the food they eat, the air and water in short Everything.

Women acts as canary of earth the current health issues of women are indicating all what is wrong with our earth and its effects on our lives.

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Women are designed to carry life in themselves they can feel the slightest changes and disturbances in the environment no one can feel and these things are influencing female health more rapidly.

The vibrancy and energy you feel when you are happy and satisfied with your life doesn’t last long as life is another name for ups and downs, The feel of youth and newly discovered passions just only lasts till 20’s after that it starts to fade away.

An epidemic of hormonal and pregnancy issues are been reported in last decades signaling that; As, world needs to be conserve so do the women of this era.

So here are we with some tips specifically for women to conserve their sexuality for prolonged ages.

1. A healthy diet

Be concern about your intake of food as it is said that; “what you eat is what you are”.

take healthy diet for female orgasmThe food we take is converted in to body cells and tissues, the healthier the food is healthier you will be.

Healthy diet is not an age depended thing it’s rather a self concerning thing, people who love life and themselves are more likely to be cautious about their diet and food intake.

Few tips about what to change in your diet for a sexier self:

  • Eat less.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Cut down refined sugars.
  • Avoid packed juices.
  • Make food at home.
  • Avoid full cream milk go for low fat or skimmed options.
  • Minimize cream cakes, sweets, chocolates, ice cream and other things with sugar and artificial flavors (don’t eat more than two spoonfuls of these).
  • Eat more green vegetables.
  • Eat fruits with high anti-oxidants.
  • Eat white meat often and red meat lesser.
  • Instead of frying your food use other options like; bake it, use air fryers or steamed.

2. Physical activity

Add a physical activity in your routine.

This is helpful in losing the age related obesity issues, also well for your heart ailments and increases body stamina.

Physical activity recharge your body by increasing the blood flow in whole body, causes better oxidation and an amp-up mood which really plays down negative thoughts also causing a better mental health.

Any physical activity would be a healthy decision not compulsory that you had to hit the gym.

The other options except weight lifting are:

  • Morning walks.
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Jogging
  • Two hour play time with your kids (best of all).
  • Gardening
  • Swimming

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3. Go for natural

As women hit their menopause they lose the ability to reproduce and their normal cycle ends.

eat fruits for orgasmMenopause afterwards causes many defects in females significantly those which transform a lady into old aged women.

To overcome this many women go for synthetic hormonal drugs or contraceptives to maintain a regular cycle and esterogen levels in the body but these synthetic hormones can cause suitability issues, mood swings or in some cases result in breast cancer.

This doesn’t result in menstruation but do triumph over the effects of menopause.

Instead of pills it is recommended to include such herbs which are good for female health from your 30’s it will delays the menopause and also let you feel young and energetic as an teen ager.

The herbs can be eaten as whole or added in teas or salads.

The few herbs proven to have aiding effects on female hormonal cycles are following:

  • Fenugreek seeds.
  • Flax seeds.
  • Ashwagandha (ayurvedic).
  • Ginger
  • Soya products.
  • Sesame seeds.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Chickpeas
  • Dairy products.

4. Positive mind change

Life is not always good, there will be some good times and some bad times but everything passes nothing stays for a life time.

When facing hard times in life learn to deal with them, tackle those situations in a healthy way and came out of that time period more strong and ready.

It isn’t easy but worth a try.

6. Work on physical intimacy

After 40’s its usual that physical relation between partners reduces to 10% or lesser in some cases.

physical intimacy routineBring this matter under limelight, discuss it with your partner and work out on this issue.

As it has a lot to do with your health few of effects of sex are:

  • Happy marriage life.
  • More bonding in relationship.
  • Younger looks.
  • Good night sleep.
  • More calm and easy to go.

6. Love the change

As women age their body changes in different ways, which in many women cause insecurities related to their looks and that also make them feel dull.

The outcomes of age can’t be reverse but can only minimize.

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The advice in this case is love yourself, love your scars, wrinkles and every white hair it’s a sign that you are alive it’s a blessing with in itself.

7. Follow the natural sleep cycle

According to nature nights are for sleep and days for working, try to sleep as early as you could and rise up early in the morning.

natural sleep for reach orgasmAs sleep is a time our body repairs itself from the breakdown our cells and tissues go through whole day.

The sleep in between 9p.m to 4p.m is said to have most benefits and sleep in this duration repairs the body most efficiently.

Early risers are also significantly happier in life and often younger looking as compare to the late sleepers of their age.

Why sex is difficult in 40’s?

Many female experience pre menopausal symptoms in their 40’s which includes; mood swings, lowered libido, vaginal dryness and no orgasms during sex.

The Guardian
my partner cannot ejaculate during sex – theguardian

Age also slows down the sensitivity in genitals which also make sex less pleasure full then it used to be.

To overcome this problem there are many supplements and gel available in market.

One of which is hersolution gel which are guaranteed to intensify the pleasure and orgasms during sex .

Some info regarding Hersolution gel?

Hersolution gel is a natural blend of efficient and safe herbs. It is a doctor approved solution for female issues.

Hersolution GelThe ingredients in hersolution gel are;

  • L-arginine.
  • Menthol USP.
  • Olive squalene.
  • Citric acid.
  • Aloe vera extracts.
  • Cocoa and shea butter.

 It dilates the vessel around genitals and ensure a easy penetration and orgasmic finish of intimacy.

Wrapping up the topic by saying that overall change in environment has a potent effect on all living beings.

Women being more sensitive to nature undergo numerous health issues which results in hormonal imbalance, acne, premature aging, vaginal dryness, early menopause and difficulty in pregnancy.

To overcome some of these issues we have solutions like hersolution gel a natural, safe and effective blend of natural ingredients to minimize the environmental effects on your sex life.

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Hersolution Gel Customer Reviews and Results Feedback

HerSolution Gel – How it’s the best Female Enhancement Product in the market?

Today we are discussing a product used by many women to enhance their libido.

Hersolution Gel

Libido is a term which is used to define sexual urge and desire in both genders. In females, after a certain age, their libido started to diminish due to which they are unable to take pleasure from the very instinctual requirement by humans.

Sexual responsiveness plays an important role in every relation and even nowadays people around the world are taking this issue very seriously.

For this very purpose, many companies have made products designed to enhance the libido level, particularly in females who are having a very difficult time feeling sensation during sex.

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HerSolution in this category is the most demanded and tried the product which has gained excellent ratings over the past years, the reason why this product is claimed to be most effective and safe to enhance female libido is to be discussed.

HerSolution Customer Reviews

The product has been endorsed by many physicians and celebrities which is why it has also been featured on many Television shows.

HerSolution Gel has captured the gaze of many women in the United States who have been looking for a proper solution to increase their libido naturally.

Some of the Reviews from Customers are really impressive.

You don’t find any female enhancement product without it offers potential side effects. HerSolution to me is made with natural ingredients which have the strongest effects I have ever felt.

Due to the disturbance in my menstrual cycle, it was hard for me to feel any sensation down there. Sex wasn’t good until I started using HerSolution.

My first sex drive was elevated just a day after I took HerSolution pills.

Not for me, but I can guarantee this product can work on women of any age and it will ensure you better sexual satisfaction than any other fake women enhancement product available in the market.

Iris- Manhattan

It’s a high-grade natural ingredient that makes this product a perfect female enhancement gel. Been using HerSolution gel for over a week and I cannot describe the level of satisfaction I’ve been experiencing with my boyfriend.

Lack of libido was my issue (according to my physician) to which he prescribed me dozens of medications. The medicine didn’t work at all and at last, I had to find a better solution.

The featuring of HerSolution on a TV show made me curious to try this product for once, so I ordered the Gel.

The soothing effects are amazing, it lubricates your vagina so nicely that you won’t feel stingy or sticky from down there. Sex is good and above all the intensity of ORGASM is breathtaking.

Mandy- Illinois

After Menopause, I thought there would not be any sex for me. I didn’t know about HerSolution back then until my sister told me about it.

I won’t go disclosing my sexual experience but I got what I was looking for.

HerSolution pills have nurtured and improved my vagina performance markedly.

Susan- UK

What is HerSolution?

HerSolution is to be precise a formula made with so many herbal ingredients which aim particularly at elevating the sexual spirits in women.

Hersolution GelIt is available in two forms, oral supplement and topical gel which can either be used alone or in combination.

The basic function of HerSolution is to ensure that a woman gets maximum sexual arousal and better sexual sensation during intercourse.

Some women are all dried up from down there which is why their vagina is not lubricated enough, vaginal lubrication plays an important role in achieving an intense orgasm which in many cases isn’t well enough.

HerSolution added the most basic and natural ingredients which have an extensive data to improve overall sexual health in women, elevating their mood, eradicate the signs of depression and gives you a tremendous amount of sexual energy which you have been looking for.

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How HerSolution works?

In order to understand the working principle of HerSolution, you must know about woman’s physiology first.

Due to the aging factor which also comes along with menopause the blood flow in female genitals are significantly decreased (proper amount of blood flow is essential for the proper function of genitalia) due to which woman doesn’t receive or gets any sexual arousal/sensation.

HerSolution does its function by increasing the blood flow to the genitalia and keeping the clitoris moist and lubricated which results in the elevated sex drive.

Also, the orgasm intensity will be remarkably elevated, which results in maximum satisfaction.

The mechanism of action is pure science based which is why it has been endorsed by many sexologists around the world.

hersolution money back guarantee

What’s in HerSolution?

Both HerSolution pills and Gel have different varieties of the ingredient, according to their dosage forms. But the key ingredients are the same which serves their basic purpose i.e boost sexual urge and stamina.

These are:

how to use hersolution gel1. Niacin- Almost in every female enhancement product you will find Niacin for sure because of its prime function to increase blood flow to the genitalia.

2. Tribulus Terrestris- Used as an Aphrodisiac since centuries. Improves female libido and maintain hormonal level.

3. Gingko Biloba- Enhance libido in females and improved overall blood circulation.

4. Damiana Leaf Extract- Used to increase the sensation of the Genital area, thereby giving you a high-grade orgasm.

5. Licorice Root- Increase overall energy and performance level of your body. Also used as a sexual stimulant.

6. Cayenne- Induce maximum lubrication to the vagina, which is mandatory in sexual intercourse and to avoid painful scenarios.

7. Valerian Root- Fights anxiety and depression, an excellent mood elevator.

8. Ginger Root- Works with other ingredients and increase their potency in the reproductive system.

9. DHEA- The ingredients are added to enhance the level of satisfaction during sex. Probably because its effect on increasing blood flow remarkably.

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HerSolution Review Final Summary

Female genitalia and sexual issues are quite delicate to which you cannot take any sort of risk. By applying locally available Gel or other phony products you will only worsen up the already disturbing situation.

female happy sexual life

HerSolution Gel is the safest treatment to enhance libido amongst every female enhancement product.

The reason why it has been recommended by many sexologists is that it doesn’t offer any side effects to the user.

Both Gel and Pills work ideally by improving your overalls sexual performance.

Sexual empathy is considered healthy for relationships for which HerSolution Pills is the right candidate to regain the pleasure and your interest in sex once again.

Like it has changed the lives of many women, it can surely change yours too.

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Where to Buy HerSolution Gel

Sexual desires are the basic part of human nature, while in women it occurs more than males. But due to some factors the sexual urge goes to the decline phase, the reason why the female sexual desire to have gets diminished is that of various factors.

Physical and emotional well-being, financial status, lifestyle and a fragile relationship are one of the main reasons many women around the globe are losing libido.

Hersolution Gel

Libido is a term used to define sexual urge, while in females the libido either decreases due to the age or the factors mentioned above.

Medically if you look at this matter, certain diseases affect the sexual urge to the great extent such as diabetes, heart-related diseases, blood pressure or neurological disorders.

Likewise, there are some medications which have also killed libidos such as antidepressants or antiepileptic.

Women who get breast implants are more prone to feel no sexual drive for a specific period of time but it can linger if left untreated.

Other lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption also play an important part in killing libido.

So many treatments have been made to enhance the sexual desire and sexual experience of a female.

HerSolution Gel to this day is considered the best treatment for enhancing female sexual desire and libido.

What Is HerSolution Gel?

Hersolution GelHerSolution Gel is the latest herbal treatment for the dried up vagina.

You see, as a woman goes through age, there is some hormonal imbalance occurring inside of her, causing the level of estrogen to be dropped and thus making the wall of vagina dry and inactive.

This is the reason why some female hesitates to have sex because they feel extreme pain. In order to enjoy sex fully a woman’s vaginal wall must not be dry and the hormonal system should be maintained.

This is where HerSolution Gel plays its part.

HerSolution Gel is a natural supplement which is designed to enhance a female libido.

The package comprises of pills and gel which can be combined for use to bring more effective results.

Females who are experiencing extreme dryness can get rid of it in a glimpse, the gel can take care of the dryness of the vaginal wall and increases your sexual desire to have sex.

According to the women who used HerSolution Gel got aroused in a period of 7 days where they experienced high appetite for sex, rapid arousal with a lot of sexual fantasies.

Also the vaginal lubrication and sexual sensation increase markedly.

What’s in HerSolution Gel? Ingredients

The list of key ingredients added in HerSolution topical gel is mentioned below

  • Olive Squalene
  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Purified Water
  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • Carbopol Ultrez Polymer
  • Triethanolamine
  • Menthol USP
  • L-Arginine
  • Citric Acid

Each Ingredient serves a different function in improving the sexual health and increases the level of arousal for women.

The application of Gel is very simple, before getting to the sexual intercourse or even foreplay the Gel must be applied directly to the clitoris and vaginal walls.

Right after application, you will feel the dryness of your vagina is going away and sensations of sex are kicking in.

The Gel works by increasing the blood flow to the main organ of the female reproductive system.

hersolution money back guarantee

Where to buy HerSolution Gel? Walmart? eBay, GNC or Amazon?

HerSolution Gel can be purchased with or without HerSolution pills and is only available at the official online website.

how to use hersolution gelNo, it cannot be found in stores like Walmart or GNC because the manufacturer claims to be the only source who can deliver you the quality and genuine HerSolution product.

Sources like Amazon or eBay contains a vast variety of herbal supplements and not a single one of them will offer you a refund.

Official suppliers of HerSolution Gel are offering 60 days money back guarantee as well as the prompt way to deliver your parcel.

Also, in the majority of cases, people who ordered HerSolution pills or gel from other sources like Amazon or GNC didn’t make it.

Means they never got any delivery package, although their money was deducted.

DO NOT make the same mistake and simply use the official site to place your order which is easier than you think.

Benefits of HerSolution Gel

  • Greatly increase sexual urge/desire
  • Performs an effective lubrication, as well as enable vagina wall to induce natural lubrication
  • Extreme sexual climax followed by high-grade orgasm
  • Increases sensitivity in foreplay and intercourse
  • Naturally, enhances the female libido
  • Quick effects
  • Sexual fantasies and anticipation reaches to the maximum extent
  • Enhance overall energy
  • Chances of fatigue disappear
  • No irritation
  • Induce higher sensations to the genital regions
  • A single application is enough to get you warm and slippery from inside

Highly Recommended

HerSolution outmost features were concluded in a statement by Women’s Health magazine, which quoted that “the effect is like the rush you feel when you’re kissed by someone you truly desire – a deliciously warm, tingly, and engorged feeling of readiness.”

The gel is recommended by many doctors especially gynecologists who wants their patient to experience a sexual healing once again!

Final Summary

By nature, the topical gel application is far much safer than oral administration.

Even HerSolution pills are comprised of all the natural ingredients but differ from the Gel.

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HerSolution Gel is easy to apply, quite economical and yes the effects are great! Customers’ reviews are available at their official page which can tell you about the real efficacy of this product.

Women who thought their sexual journey is over are now thanking HerSolution Gel because it totally changed their lives by introducing the sexual arousal once again.

There is no better feeling than the warm touch of your partner while you’re making love.

HerSolution Gel will help you feel it more pronouncedly.

The availability of HerSolution is not present in other sources like Amazon, Walmart, GNC or eBay.

Choose the official web page only so you will get discounts and a fast delivery.

How Many Times Can a Girl Cum?

Female Ejaculation and its role in Women Sexuality

Asking how many times a girl can cum is equivalent to asking how many times they achieve orgasm in one session.

women orgasm
do girls cum

Some years back doctors all around the world used to think that having multiple orgasms were rare.

As too many scientific researchers are happening each day, one of which has proved that about 7 in 10 women are able to achieve multiple orgasms with their partner, not overall but in a single time.

Nowadays it is quite common amongst couple to achieve climax numerous times beneath the sheets, and it is also considered as a healthy sign for a relationship.

Speaking about female ejaculation, there are things you need to keep in mind.

What is a female ejaculation? Or Squirting

A female ejaculation is a practice where she pushed the vaginal fluid to come out as a result of an orgasm.

This is also commonly known as squirting depicted in almost every porn movie.

The reason why female ejaculation has become an important subject is that somehow it justifies the level of your excitement.

Girls who squirt too less amount of vaginal fluids are considered less sexy and horny according to their boyfriends.

Not every man finds it exciting, but there is a majority who do!

Now, how many times can a girl cum in one session?

It is an awkwardly asked question, but it certainly justifies the sexuality of many women who would like to cum multiple times in sexual intercourse.

girl cumming
how many times can a girl cum

Normally the first ejaculating fluid can barely be felt because it gets discharged internally, which only a woman can feel.

But there are numbers a girl can achieve in having multiple orgasms, by looking at many sources we can tell you that it is possible for a woman to cum or ejaculate 2-5 times in a single session.

But if you are healthy and you take healthier diets on a daily basis, then the frequency can be from 7-9 times.

Achieving multiple orgasms or ejaculation is a key to sexual pleasure. But sadly the big part of it depends on your partner, who should be knowing more about a woman’s sexual requirements.

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In the majority of cases, it has been observed that women living with a partner who is sexually nourishing are more likely to be happier in their lives, as compared to those who have sexually unaware or narrow-minded husbands/partners.

What if you can’t cum or feel sexual anymore?

Staying sexually inactive for a longer period of time can be bothersome to some women, but it should be in their concern if they cannot feel sexual anymore.

A lot of women are complaining these days about their sexual arousal accompanied with vaginal dryness which is a big turn off for them.

There is a number of reasons which are causing you to feel less horny or cum not too much which is a must need for sex.

how to make a girl cum
female cum
  • You should be mentally active and ready for that. Some women are driven by so many stuff like their responsibilities towards family, office work etc, well you should clear your mind before that from everything.
  • Foreplay is an essential element in sexual intercourse where it allows women to generate the maximum amount of pleasure till climax scene. But sadly, many women do not get much of it, it may be due to their partners or other reasons like tiredness, too horny to perform foreplay or some mental issues.
  • When a man and woman have sex, it meant to arouse her clitoris, which plays an actual role to give maximum pleasure. Some women are physically too weak due to lack of proper diet or other nutrition that their clitoral area becomes inactive for a while which in case of not treating can be long-lasting. Various sex positions make it easy for a man to reach his organ to her clitoris, which is located on the upper wall of female’s vagina. Positions like missionary and reverse cowgirl can work in this scenario.
  • Lack of libido in the female are much common these days which is causing a lot of problems in the lives of many women. Many scientific types of research are still being performed in order to solve this issue.

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Herbal Solution to make a girl cum more than once!

Due to less or no ejaculation, many women are having trouble dealing with their sexual lives.

An herbal female libido enhancing Gel is the latest remedy to treat this issue in a most agreed way.

No pill, no supplements or no hormonal replacement therapy, but a simple topical gel called HerSolution is what they called a miracle solution.

What is HerSolution Gel?

It is a formulation available in a gel form which comprises 100% of herbal ingredients.

Hersolution GelAll of these ingredients are scientifically proven to enhance female libido in an effective way.

A single application of HerSolution Gel simply works by increasing blood flow to the vagina of a female as a result which clitoral stimulation will be elevated in a prompt and remarkable way.

By this way it also increases the sexual appetite of a woman, increases vaginal lubrication and keep you mentally charged.

One of the best things about this product that it is water-based, which means there will be no itchy feeling after its application but instead soothing effects will be felt.

The gel absorbed deeply into the vaginal nerves where it generates sufficient amount of ejaculating fluid, which leads to long-lasting ejaculating time.

Some women found HerSolution Gel useful in getting orgasms more than once, which in most cases exceeds 3-4 times of ejaculation in a single time.

Buy Hersolution Gel

Final Summary

Clearly, there are no objections for women to ejaculate multiple times because men like it, and it is also a sign of a healthy body.

Certain diets enriched with proteins can help a girl generate more ejaculating fluid which results in better sex. But it also takes many months for your body to get developed.

The quick solution in our view is HerSolution Gel which has the most awe-inspiring reviews in enhancing female libido and makes them cum multiple times.

Your performance and skills in bed matter a big time for men, and that includes ejaculating more than once.

hersolution money back guarantee

You can either keep yourself untreated and let this issue getting worse of trying something which can change your life instantly.

Instant Female Arousal Pills- HerSolution

Female with low arousal rate are considered to have a low level of Libido.

Low libido means they do not get much aroused sexually which could be due to many reasons.

Women who found it hard to get aroused are more likely to suffer from chronic depression in the later part of their life, the diminishing desire for sex may affect many parts of their life including their marriage.

Order Hersolution Pills

Undoubtedly, sexual desire is what makes two people sufficient enough for each other.

Sexual intimacy has been known to support relationships build up, release an excess amount of stress from a female’s body and keep her satisfied in so many ways.

When any glitch occurs to the female reproductive system due to factors like hormonal imbalance, post-pregnancy, past medicine use or taking over stress, this problem shouldn’t be left untreated.

Granted there were only male enhancing supplements available to boost sex drive for men, but what if we told you now you can find the same exact treatment for females?

Not just any scam products you see every day on the internet, but from a company having the vast research, background has developed a formula which can help females to boost their libido.

Increased libido means increased sex drive which also comes with an intense pleasurable sexual experience which many women have been wishing for.

Of course, these instant female arousal pill will give you a long lasting orgasm, which will bring back the youthfulness in you the way you desired.

These female instant arousal pills are known as HerSolution.

Say Goodbye To Vaginal Dryness… And Hello To Orgasms!

HerSolution Pills – Instant Female Arousal Pills

HerSolution is an extensive and redefined formula to enhance female libido in a much greater way.

Hersolution PillsBefore HerSolution Pills launched in the health market, various female Viagra pills were available which gave women hope that they can feel sexually alive once again, but all of that was ripped apart when dreadful side effects took place.

The thing we are trying to clarify here is that HerSolution is devoid of every form of side effects which other female enhancement products offer.

The formula of HerSolution is made from natural ingredients extracted from the natural source which not only increases female’s sex drive but improves the health of her Reproductive system.

HerSolution has provided a natural treatment for women in such an excellent way that now it is ranked number 1st in the category of the female arousal pills or female sex supplements.

Benefits of HerSolution

  • Full body Arousal
  • Increase female libido
  • Increase vaginal lubrication (reduce dryness)
  • Marked sexual appetite
  • Increase sensitivity of vagina and clitoris
  • Boost energy production
  • Overcome stress
  • Risk-free with 60 days money back guarantee

The effects of HerSolution are prompt than any other female enhancement pills and you know what, upon a long time as you can fully erase the dryness of your vagina, which is the main cause why don’t you feel aroused in front of your partner.

Each ingredient in HerSolution is devoted to improve the functions of the vaginal area of female and make it ready for intense sex anytime, anywhere.

What is in HerSolution pills?

Every ingredient mixed in HerSolution has a detailed scientific background which you can read from their official page.

Female Sexual Arousal Pills

The ingredients which make it the best instant female arousal pills are.

1. Hops Extract

The flower extract is used to intensify the vaginal lubrication in women who have been feeling no sexual arousal. More lubricated vagina means more pleasurable sex for both of you.

2. Mucuna Pruriens

There are various effects reported about Mucuna Pruriens which is beneficial in terms of female health. This ingredient elevates the level of L-Dopa in our body, L-Dopa is a precursor of Dopamine, which is considered as a hormone of pleasure and happiness.

After that, it helps in boosting female libido, fight with depression and promotes the growth of lean muscle mass.

3. Gingko Biloba

Since centuries, this particular herb is being used by the Chinese to improve mental capacity of a person.

According to latest researches, the extract of Gingko helps increase blood flow to the genital reasons where it remarkably increases the sex drive and orgasm time period.

Apart from this the herb is a protective agent for skin and boosts overall energy production in female’s body. Some women who suffer from menopause cramps also use this herbal extract.

4. Niacin

It has two important functions. To enhance blood flow to the vaginal area and promote sensitization of the clitoris.

Helps in synthesizing several sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

5. Cayenne Pepper

The only spice that contributes in improving sexual functions. Cayenne pepper significantly increases the blood flow, increase the rate of lubrication and maximize the time of orgasm in females.

The heat in this spice revolves around the clitoris of the female where she gets erotic like never before.

6. Epimedium Sagitattum

The main purpose of this herb is to supply a tremendous amount of energy which is required by females at the time of intense arousals.

Before that, this ingredient was used to treat kidney and joint disorders, HerSolution pills have utilized one of its beneficial effects which are the development of Nitric Oxide which generates a plethora amount of energy to boost sexual desire and achieve first-grade orgasm.

Final Verdict

The credibility of HerSolution can be measured by the fact that it is recommended by many physicians, sexologists and even approved by The Doctors talk show about women’s health.

Dr. Karen Hersolution PillsThe market is flooded with so many medicines for boosting sexual drive for females, which somehow leads to a side effect as it has been seen in various cases.

The customer’s review portion of HerSolution is clear as the color white, about thousands of female have written their positive reviews about how their life has changed with this miracle treatment.

When searching for an instant female arousal pills, you will find HerSolution at the top because of its highly effective formula with 100% safety guarantee. Ladies!

Now it’s not the time to complain when you can be more than you desire for. 

Intensify your sexual activities with only a single and affordable treatment!

hersolution money back guarantee

Hersolution Gel Amazon, GNC, Walmart, eBay?

We all know that one female who is very hard to turn on. Even when she is chances of awkward sexual behaviors are too common.

Hersolution Gel

This is because of Low libido which makes females to show such gestures. Low libido means decreased sexual desire which is dominating women in a faster rate.

This situation is brought up by many factors, including stressful life, depression, job-related problems, hormonal issues or a medication history.

In order to treat this situation once and for all, scientists have designed a formula in a gel form which is more effective than any medication with no side effects at all.

They named it HerSolution Gel.

HerSolution Gel Amazon, GNC, Walmart, eBay?

HerSolution Gel has become a famous treatment for increasing female sex drive, it’s a unique formula which is proven to be the best female libido enhancement gel available in the health market.

Buy HerSolution Gel onlineRetail stores like GNC, Walmart or online stores like eBay or Amazon do not sell HerSolution Gel which is why it is advisable to buy it from the official website.

Users who purchase HerSolution Gel from the official page will get various benefits such as discounts, fast delivery and of course a quality product which you do not really see much in other stores.

Benefits of HerSolution Gel

  • Enhance libido greatly
  • Increase your sensitivity to every touch, making it more pleasurable
  • Induce natural lubrication
  • Gives you an intense climax
  • Intensify your sexual desires which were lost for a long time

Do not puzzle yourself with thousands of questions being asked on the internet about the availability of HerSolution Gel.

Keep in mind that an effective treatment such as HerSolution can only be purchased through their official retailers available online.

Even in case of any query, the customer care staff will be at your service at any hour of the day. You do not find such kind of services in other sources, do you?

Also, make sure you are buying the first quality product.

This Gel will be applied directly to the vaginal part which is the most sensitive area of your body, you don’t want to mess with this area by applying a fake Gel or the products which are of low quality.

hersolution money back guarantee

What is HerSolution Gel?

In simple word, HerSolution Gel is a world-class doctor-approved formula made from the ingredients extracted from the natural source.

Hersolution GelThe formula works by increasing sexual urge (Libido) in females and stimulates their sexual sites where all the sensation comes from.

HerSolution is a brand which actually comprises of two different products, Supplement and Gel.

HerSolution Gel, however, is becoming the top-selling libido enhancing treatment for dried up females.

Before going towards the benefits of HerSolution Gel, let’s see what this powerful formula actually contains.

Ingredients in HerSolution Gel

Each ingredient in HerSolution Gel was added to make this formula effective and easy for the user.

HerSolution Gel contains high grade natural botanical ingredients which serve by making sex desirable, delicious and intense!

Key ingredients are listed below.

  • L-Arginine
  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Aloe vera Extract
  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • Menthol
  • Triethanolamine

L-Arginine is prescribed by doctors to those women who have no vaginal sensation. The action of L-Arginine is to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to the vaginal area especially the clitoris. 

Other ingredients work by intensifying your sexual experience by giving you multiple orgasms and a smooth texture which gets you extreme sensation in the vaginal area.

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When to Use HerSolution Gel?

The gel is to be applied directly to the clitoris and vaginal areas before having sexual intercourse or while you are fore playing.

The key is to achieve lubrication which gives a better feeling of the vagina. Also, enhanced blood flow will generate sexual impulses perpetually until you get an intense orgasm.


Hersolution Gel Customer Reviews

At the official page of HerSolution Gel, you can find thousands of reviews from different users.

Apart from females who were allergic to the active content, the Gel improved the sexual life of most women, giving them an intense sexual experience with high-grade sensations.

Why should you choose HerSolution?

There is no point in having sex and not enjoy it.

Hersolution Gel Results

HerSolution will allow you to enjoy the sex in a best possible way.

In a study where it is clearly shown that females who enjoy sex and are sexually active are more successful in their professional and personal lives.

It is not possible to stay married when you have lost every sexual urge, well HerSolution will definitely help you to overcome these issues.

Where to buy HerSolution Gel?

The sooner you order HerSolution Gel from the official webpage the more you are inclined to get discounted offers available online.

The product isn’t available on Amazon or GNC so the user must really get cautious before purchasing it from another source.

Final Verdict

Low libido is the condition which is occurring to many women nowadays, which leads to destroying their relationships in a very bad way.

The best thing about HerSolution Gel is that it works for every age group, the user will feel its effect on a very first application.

Every piece of information you need to know about this product is available on their official website, even the researchers that were being done on its ingredients along with real-time customer’s review.

The availability of HerSolution Gel from Amazon, Walmart, GNC or eBay still confusing, so many lady customers who wish to purchase it from the store nearby their place.

Well, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of product over the convenience. The official dealers will deliver you the package in a period of 3-5 days depending on your location.

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It is time for you to say goodbye to your dried up vagina and say hello to the most amazing sexual experience of your life. Order HerSolution Gel from here.