Hersolution Gel Ingredients and Side Effects

Do you feel the need of a good libido booster that can work on every specific area of your sex life?

If yes, your answer is HerSolution Gel!

There are a hundred of factors that result in impairing your sex drive and performance under the sheet.

If we look at these factors closely, we will realize that most of these problems fall under two categories, either psychological or physiological.

But let’s not forget, the sex drive also stoops because of the external factors like incompatibility, misunderstandings and inflexible attitude from the other end.

But whatever the problem could be, the sad part is that you are made to deprive from something that is considered to be our bodily need.

A poor libido, sensitivity and pleasure in bed are thankfully, treatable through a good female enhancer.

If you are someone who is ‘suffering’ from concerns like these and is up for a change, we recommend you to consider something that can regularize your hormonal and nutritional discrepancies and address the matter, aptly.

To be honest, a female enhancer that is highly compelling in this regard is HerSolution Gel.

HerSolution Gel is a mix of natural ingredients that promise to restore your lost allure in sex- provided that the problem is caused by physiological and psychological changes, and not by external factors.


Ingredients that add to HerSolution Gel are highly worthy for your sexual, as well as your general health.

It is interesting to note that the lubricant does not take ages to support the changes you expect, in fact, it starts to function minutes after you apply it on your lady bits- for a steamier and erotic love-making like never before.

These ingredients are:

1. L-arginine:

The dietary amino acid incorporated in HerSolution Gel is meant to enable a healthy distribution of blood to the genitals like clitoral and vaginal area.

When something like this is done, 75% of your concerns are sorted then and there.

Basically, healthy supply of blood takes your sensitivity, sensation and sex drive peak to a point where it takes no time for you to achieve stronger and repeated orgasms- every time you involve in love making.

2. Aloe Vera:

The plant extract adds to vaginal moisture and is thus, favorable for easing Vaginal dryness.

Not just this, the aloe vera content enables smooth and easy penetrations, which of course, increases the orgasmic pleasure by and large.

And last, but not the least, research also suggests that an agent like this holds the ability to repair damaged tissues, thereby ensuring a healthy and ‘fit’ vagina for you and your partner to enjoy!

3. Shea Butter:

The nut extract hydrates and nourishes the tissues encompassing within and outside the vaginal area.

4. Olive Squalene:

The substance has a long history of serving women with skin or say, vaginal dryness in particular.

Basically, it shares a similar nature with the squalene produced by our skin; that keeps it moisturized and nourished inside out.

5. Cocoa Butter:

The mechanism of cocoa butter is similar to that of shea butter.

It takes good ‘care’ of the genital skin and increases lubrication for pleasure-filled penetrations.

6.  Menthol USP: This is added to increase sensation and pleasure with even the slightest of touch.


If your search is limited to a lubricant that can help you increase your libido, sensitivity and vaginal moisture- without any problematic parabens, we suggest you to look no further to HerSolution Gel.

Increase female libido

It is a tested agent that will never end you up to anything that can worsen up your problems and regret every bit of your decision.

Frankly speaking, HerSolution Gel is from a pre-eminent company of high standing, and so, it’s next to impossible for a company like this to trade something below the standard or inferior.


The effects of HerSolution Gel are ‘pleasant’ and are least likely to disappoint you or fail coming up to the promises it made.

You will definitely find it satisfying and good enough for the lacking you feel in your sexual life.

The product is highly rated with reviews and responses that are too encouraging for women of all ages!