How to make yourself Squirt?

The word “Squirting” brings some kinky thoughts in your mind, but in reality, it is a full-time pleasure for girls who want to perform sexual activity ALONE.

how to make yourself squirt during sex
how to squirt

You can search for many posts or article available online about how making you squirt and everyone will give you the same notion or techniques to perform squirting in an ideal way.

For some girls it is quite a nasty thing to do but hey! We are sexually active and we can do whatever we want with our vagina so back off!

Knowing how to squirt is very easy, but not every woman can do it. It is an art to explode like a sweet river, especially when there is much need of it.

Men like a woman who squirts in tremendous amount, that makes them sexually more attracted towards you and of course, it quenches our thirst.

To those who want to know some basic tips and techniques about how to make them squirt, pay attention because it is about you and only you!

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What is squirting and what is a squirt?

Squirting is a physical gesture to make your vagina ejaculate. Similarly, a squirt is a female ejaculating fluid which comes from Skene’s gland located right behind the G-Spot.

Some misjudge squirting from peeing which is undoubtedly wrong, it is not a pee, but a seminal discharge from a female reproductive system.

1. Kegel exercise if you can’t squirt

Kegel exercises are available for both men and women, but their basic gestures are different from one another.

By the help of Kegel exercise, you will not only be an intense squitter but it also helps you by increasing sexual stamina.

What kind of sexual Stamina? Well so that you can lock his dick for a long time and keep on feeling the same sensations.

2. Pee before you squirt

Sometimes women squirts along with peeing, which is why you need to unload your bladder first.

The Skene’s gland is located right next to the bladder, which overstimulation takes in some traces of urine and get discharged with it. You have to pee before squirting especially if you got a company.

3. Locate the G-Spot

Your G-Spot is located at the upper side of your vagina, just like the upper part of your mouth.

When you are sexually aroused the G-Spot will be swollen and become sponge-like which is easy to grab and rub. Do not ever try to touch it with nails or you might damage it.

4. Get Comfy and Relax!

Some of us get shy when our partner is around while squirting. Well, if it is bothering you then get him out, make your own comfort zone and then proceed.

If you aren’t comfortable take my words you will not squirt like a porn star!

5. Sexual arousal

A normal fact, you have to get some sexual impulse in order to start squirting. Squirting without kinky thoughts and imaginations is phony.

A dried up vagina is the worst thing you can have while squirting. Watch porn, indulge yourself with sex chat or phone sex, you can even use some sex toys depends on what turns you on the most.

6. Try your own technique

Being a woman you don’t have to learn everything about squirting because sometimes you are the best at it. By applying different rubbing or touching techniques you can make you horny in no time. Love yourself!

7. Use of herbal supplements!

Not just for squirting but you can use them while you are having sex. Supplements like HerSolution, Provestra or Semenax are used by males and female to enhance the amount of ejaculated fluid.

Remember when your pussy is loaded with the maximum amount of sperm, chances of long-lasting orgasm get higher. Creams like Provestra are to be applied 5 minutes before masturbation or squirting.

Reference: A medical doctor who was also my boyfriend used Semenax male enhancement pills and he couldn’t stop cumming which was, of course, pleasurable for both of us.

8. Get a help with your partner

The more hands you have, the more pleasure you’re going to get. There are lots of benefits squirting with your partner, you can do it in various positions and sometimes you don’t have to do anything because he is already onto it.

What if you cannot squirt?

It is all okay if you can’t!

how to make yourself squirt
how to make myself squirt

There isn’t a single scientific evidence which tells you to have a problem if you can’t squirt.

Every female body is different from one another and it’s possible that you are not going to get aroused by squirting but only sex.

It is not an alarming sign, totally natural.

Squirting during sex

Hersolution GelTo be honest, it gives an extra boost in sexual experience when you do it during sex.

Double penetration is an ideal situation for a female during sex which can be achieved if you are having a threesome or simultaneously squirting yourself.

An advice if you really want to squirt like a porn star, provide your partner Semenax pills and apply Hersolution Gel on your clit before sex.

The intensity of having sex and ejaculation will be unforgettable and it is guaranteed.


Learning about how to make yourself squirt is not a rocket science, but an easy way to achieve orgasm by yourself.

Some basic techniques mentioned above can be of great help to make you squirt like a porn star.

Hersolution Gel, however, can only increase the amount of ejaculating fluid in your vagina, which can also prolong the time of orgasm.

It is not necessary that you will squirt the perfect way in a very first time if it doesn’t happen the way you imagined just relax and try again!


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