Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Desire?

Marijuana is known to give you the most exquisite psychotropic effects, in addition, it relaxes your brain and elevates your mood, but does it really increase sexual desire of an individual?

In many movies, we might have seen that couples usually smoke a joint before having sex because when it comes to females, it relaxes their muscles which somehow has a great effect during sex.

marijuana enhance sex drive

While some people are totally ignorant of this fact and they don’t prefer it in any way.

In the latest research, it is found out that men and women who consume marijuana on a daily basis have 20% more sex than the normal individuals who do not smoke cannabis.

But why this fact was underground for so many decades?

It’s simple; the pharmaceutical firms do not want you to get into the marijuana because in this way you have to quit their sex drugs such as Viagra, Cialis etc.

These days the awareness has been spread about the use of marijuana which in the matter of sexual intercourse, can be of a great help.

Marijuana Enhances your Libido in different Ways

Many sex experts accept that while you are high on marijuana, you tend to be less anxious and more relaxed which is a favorable thing for sexual intercourse.

Smoking marijuana

Smoking marijuana with your partner makes it easier for you to communicate about your preference which puts additional joy in the sex.

Regular marijuana consumers have more sex, according to the study!

Sex therapist Lawrence Siegel explained it very scientifically where he gave credit to Delta-9-THC which triggers the parts of our brain associated with sexual intimacy and arousal, this is more common in females than men.

Our body consists of endocannabinoid system which is responsible for the regulation of pain and pleasure.

This endocannabinoid system is made by endocannabinoids which are endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters.

This system is rapidly activated when you smoke marijuana, leading to the enhanced level of pleasure which your brain amplifies than it normally does.

Many revolutionists like Peter Barsoom supported the fact that marijuana should be back to the mainstream.

Marijuana and Sex

This will change our perspective on the sex as we know it, meaning it will be more pleasurable and can be enjoyed in a much-pronounced way.

But that’s not the case with everyone; some people found marijuana as a stress-inducing drug but that totally depends on your physiological and psychological aspects.

Marijuana is available in many types, you just have to find that one that suits you, said sexologist Nick Karras which recently published a book by the name The Passionate High which gives you a brief insight about the connection between marijuana and sexual creativity.

For sexual boost, you must take a small amount of cannabis indica, or mix it with small strains of Sativa.

The combination of both also works best for the first time user who wants to experience an extended version of sexual pleasure.

Cannabinoids Vs THC

Cannabinoids or CBS is legal in many states and derives simply from the hemp, which doesn’t have euphoric effects as THC.

Cannabinoids Vs THC

It is used for many recreational purposes and medicinally for the patients with glaucoma.

THC is also a kind of cannabinoids, but it contains some pretty funky psychotropic effects including marijuana high.

Dose and Delivery make it Right!

Everyone should start marijuana with the minimum dose and with a suitable delivery system.

Some people use vape as a delivery mode while other prefers hemp paper or tiny pipes.

Taking too much of a dose can make you stuck on edibles and let you reach to the maximum high which is not good for sexual purposes.

Or if you are not a smoking type person you can buy edibles which have the very little percentage of cannabis.

Adding cannabis with chocolate elevate its aphrodisiac property which is why you will find it more with the sweet edibles.

Taking cannabis in low to moderate dose can increase libido, whereas in higher doses the effects could be opposite.

CBD lubricants

Many ointments and topical creams contain traces of CBD known to possess anti-inflammatory effects.

Some CBD based lubricants work by relaxing smooth muscles and enhance blood circulation to the genitals which induce intense sexual impulses in women.

Creams like HerSolution contain the natural ingredients which are used to enhance sexual pleasure in women with low level of libido.

Foria Awaken, a potent CBD topical gel which many women use who feel pain during sex.

Some women find THC as a vaginal drying agent for which they use CBD based lubes to neutralize the side effects.

Marijuana Legality

Recreational use of Marijuana is legal in 9 states of US while medicinal use is legal in 29 states.

Legality of cannabis by U.S. jurisdiction

If you want to see the pronounced effects of marijuana in your sex life you can try with a low dose, but make sure it is legal in your territory.

To this day many physicians and healthcare professionals still feel doubtful about prescribing marijuana or CBD to their patients with a decline rate of sex.

“Even if it is legal in the state where we practice, we can face legal and ethical issues if we recommend it or use it ourselves,” said Dr. Israel Helfand.

Marijuana is not a treatment for erectile dysfunction, but it can surely control the low libido issue.

By elevating the flow of natural hormones, which contributes to greater sexual appetite, we think marijuana can only enhance your sexual experience.

Cannabis is a herb used in ancient days in many traditions such as Hinduism, Chinese and African cultural groups.

Maybe it’s the time where we spread the awareness to people for spicing up their sex lives.