How to Know that You are having An Orgasm?

Orgasm is natural sooner or later you will surely have it at the right time.

Orgasm differs from women to women and even in a single woman that full body rush varies in timings.

But what is orgasm actually is? And how do you know that you had it in climax?

When sex is not even begin and it’s only in your mind your body starts feeling it which results in; amped-up heart rates, erection in nipples, feeling blood surging through your genitals, increase saliva production, blood pressure in whole body increases and lubrication of genitals starts.

This feeling continues if you have sex that initiates more tension in muscles of pelvic region and genitals and this is the orgasm a feeling to get more and more and you think that you won’t stop for a life time followed by moaning and few cases screaming, when you both reach climax all build-up tension releases and a burst of hormones enters in blood stream.

But, Orgasm is not always achieved every time you had sex.

Orgasm is said to be a useless sex as; good orgasm is what gave you all profits of after sex, no orgasm means you got nothing.

Orgasm is linked with many things but most important one is arousal.

If a woman is not aroused for sex fully having an orgasm will become difficult for her.

Foreplay is what the solution for this as increased foreplay timings might help you get there in time.

How to know You had an Orgasm?

If you are feeling so good about having sex and after sex you are so calm and sleepy then you are probably having orgasms at their peaks.

Orgasm means an amazing sex if the last encounter of yours with sex was amazing it means you had one.

And you might not be getting an orgasm on your first time.

The feelings of orgasms may differ from woman to woman but you will know when you had it because that’s the intimacy level which you won’t forget easily.

What influences orgasms?

Orgasm gets influenced by many things everything is needed to be perfect and precise to accomplish the orgasm goals.

1. A Perfect Partner

A perfect partner will definitely influence on orgasm.

The one you love and really appreciate will ease up the chances of having orgasms.

It will make arousing easier for you because in your thoughts he is the one (whether he is or not).

But, sometimes it can results in vice versa and this feeling of having sex with the loved one might make you more conscious which will results in no orgasms and enjoyment during sex.

2. Happy You

A happy self will also light up the orgasm’s candle.

The happier you are the more you will enjoy sex and think less.

Happy people open-up easily and aren’t afraid of implementing on their thoughts, such people knows what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

3. Confident Gals

A mumbling girl will definitely going to have issues in catching orgasms as it has a lot to do with confidence.

The confident gals are more likely to know their G points and will guide the partner accordingly because they know, what’s the point of having sex if they aren’t getting what they want?

4. Self Awareness

Self awareness is another point which influences orgasm.

Many girls don’t know what is wrong with them and why they aren’t finding sex as pleasing as their friends told them to be.

The answer may be is self awareness if you aren’t aware of your body and what your body likes in sex, orgasm may find road to you a bit difficult.

For that you should explore in sex, try new tricks and things.

Many people will advise you to work on finding most orgasms by masturbating.

But, in my view it’s a really unhealthy and abusive activity you should work with your partner on exploring sex.

Another issue is many individuals who are involved in such activity when enter the real world of sex with a partner, they find it unpleasant and sometimes they can’t even get started.

That’s one of the prompt reasons why I am not advising masturbating in any scenario.

5. First night

First encounters to sex are scary and hesitated in aspect of women.

This scare and hesitation can make you end up without orgasm.

There is no cure for this one as it is natural and over time every woman get over this and start cherishing the intimacy.

6. Relationship status

The relationship status you are having with your partner also influence on sex and as well as orgasm lately.

When you both are facing a hard time or there are more arguments then talking this can severely affect your mental as well as yours in bed intimacy.

In some cases when couples are going through such a phase sex is reportedly absent.

On other hand if both partners are good to go and having a good time with each other they are most likely to have good orgasm and sex.

7. Health Issues

If you going through some issues in your health or lately had some you might find orgasm difficult to achieve.

When issue is related to genitals such as; UTI (urinary tract infections) etc it is more likely to effect on sex and eventually orgasms.


Sex is as essential as eating, hunger for food comes naturally so does the orgasm.

Worrying over this issue might make things worse.

So, a genuine suggestion is to let it go when time, partner and scenario all is right orgasm will find you surely.

But if orgasm remains lost for a longer term, try finding the reasons behind it and work on it with your partner (no masturbation recommended).

Approximately 70% of sex encounters are ended up in orgasms if your intimacy encounters fall under this percent then nothing to worry about.

Just come out of drama and face the truth that every sex encounter is not pleasant.