Best Foods to BOOST Female Libido

Most couples don’t give this idea a thought but changing your diet can bring back the lost romance.

To find content after hectic work routines people often eat big amounts of junks and sweets which makes them feel full and satisfied leaving no room for later on bedroom activities.

Eating healthy and particularly including such foods in your diet which increases the sex drive really works.

Discussing about women libido is still considered a taboo in many regions of world. But, closing your own eyes doesn’t declare that issue is resolved it silently remains there tangling the psychological and behavioral patterns of respective women.

A happy married life includes a good sex and for that both partners are needed to be involved equally in it.

A lack of interest makes making love an awkward situation instead of pleasure full time.

The underlying reason behind lack of interest in sex is reduced libido which can be happen in any of the partner.

Problems related to female libido are often neglected and remain untreated if you are feeling no sex drive or having sex seems to be burden instead of excitement it might be that you are having libido issues.

Foods aside giving you energy and nourishment can also help in resolving such issues.

Here we are discussing a list of foods which can help you out in resolving such concerns or you can add these foods in your diet to reduce the chances of such problems in further future.

1. Spinach

spinachSpinach has significant importance in the list of healthy foods.

It is rich in folic acid, natural salt, B6 vitamin and magnesium these all nutrients combine increase blood levels in body, increases blood flow in body and also regulates the electrolytes in body.

Vitamin B6 is essential for production of sex hormones. Spinach is said to increase the orgasms in women.

Effects of it are broad enough to beneficiate men too.

2. Dark chocolate:

ChocolateThe most liked food in this list is dark chocolate off-course.

Dark chocolate is so manipulative it ditches you by releasing hormones which makes you feel that you are falling in love.

By eating dark chocolate you both can fall for each other again and again. It sets the mood for love and excitement.

Dark chocolate also increase blood flow in body.

Caffeine in dark chocolate revives your energy and alertness.

Dark chocolate also has anti aging and stress relieving effects and these both can be the underlying cause of lowered libido means eating dark chocolates helps in regaining your sex drive in numerous ways.

Fish is a source of attaining good fats, rich in omega 3 fatty acids which make your heart healthy. Blood circulation in body is so much of value because a good blood flow boost your sensations making you arouse for sex quicker and increases the feelings of intimacy.

For a healthy blood flow a healthy heart is required, having fish in your regular diet helps you in having one.

The fishes mostly liked or linked with sex drive are salmon, tuna and sardines.

Cold water fatty fishes are recommended for best results.

Fish over all is a super food rich in many nutrients other than omega 3 fatty acids which makes you healthy.

Fish also reported to increase dopamine levels in body which create a healthy mental environment between partners which further helps in physical intimacy.

3. Red meat:

meatRed meat is also an enriched food with lots of energy and taste.

The main nutrient is zinc in it which enhances the blood flow in body increasing the body sensations and functioning of genitals.

Good sensation and increased functioning of genitals makes you excited and arouse women easily for more action.

Red meat also produces testosterones, it is the hormone on which your sex drive relies.

Good amount of testosterones kept you strong and energetic also.

Red meat also initiates production of prolactin hormone which is thought to be the cure for many sexual dysfunctions.

4. Soy products:

soySoy products are so much in trend for people with no dairy tolerance or vegetarians.

Soy products are well known to increase esterogen levels in body which are hormones responsible for feminine appearance and feelings in females.

Soy products enhance the esterogen acceptance at its receptors which makes genitals bath in this hormone.

This lubricates and rejuvenates the genitals you will feel young and excited in bed again.

But, this food is a big no for men because they need testosterones more not the esterogen. Excessive use of soy in men can cause libido issues instead of curing anything.

5. Avocados:

avocadosAvocados are rich in multiple nutrients like fatty acids, B6, potassium, folic acid and anti oxidants.

Avocados are helpful in enhancing reproduction of hormones which facilitates the reproduction. Fatty acids in it are good for your health and reproduction as well.

It has vitamin E also, which makes enhance release of hormones responsible for good sex making that time a pleasure full experience than a duty.

Avocados have good amount of antioxidants also which helps in renewal of genitals for a healthy sex life.

6. Chili peppers:

chiliChili boosts up your metabolism and gets you high already.

Chili induces the release of such chemicals which releases the endorphins naturally this makes you feel high and you feel desire for sex.

Chili also increase body blood flow by increasing heart rate makes you feel ready for action un bed.

7. Asparagus:

AsparagusAsparagus is rich in many nutrients which all somehow aids in sex.

The most abundant nutrient is vitamin E, which boost up testosterones levels that’s needed during sex.

It also elevates the release of histamine chemical in body which is needed to attain orgasms during sex.

Thiamin in asparagus has antioxidant like properties it flushes out free radicals and reduces cell aging.

Other nutrients in asparagus are vitamin A and C, potassium, folic acid and vitamin B6.

Foods like asparagus which are rich in vitamin B and potassium aids in increasing release of testosterones, which is important for a good libido.

In the last my verdict is; treating your sexual dysfunctions with the help of foods is not a myth it is true and has clinical proves behind it.

But, the key is to know that, what really is wrong with you because sometimes stress or work load or other body weakness are to be blamed for low sexual desires not you.

Before starting anything for cure do investigate about the roots of it.

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet which includes a portion of all types of food is counted as a precaution for many diseases.

So, eat well you will surely live well too.