Female Impotence: The Shocking Truth About Sexual Dysfunction!

Female Sexual dysfunction Causes and Symptoms

In today’s society sexual issues are not discriminated by gender both of sexes are suffering from nearly same sexual dysfunctions.

One of most popular in them is impotence.

Impotence was firstly discovered in males because, visual erection was absent or not long enough when a male is impotent despite of all other stimulants are present.

Female impotence is now a raising issue, which makes tem to avoid sex or makes it an unpleasant experience.

What is female impotence?

Female impotence is a condition when a female is unable to achieve orgasms during sex or don’t even like having sex at all.

Causes of female impotenceSometimes other situations like sex without foreplay can also result in attaining no orgasm during sex, as foreplay gets body ready for further yearning and excitement.

But impotence is when foreplay, a romantic aroma, a handsome significant other and all other things are there but still you didn’t enjoy your sex.

Impotence effect the excitement, yearning, lubrication and orgasm, impotence may affect these all parts of sex or any one of these.

If you lack urge for more or orgasms has vanished under the sheets or sex have become a pain full experience, and this all continues for some unknown reason then impotence might be the underlying cause of it.

Types of Female Impotence

Impotence whether male or female is of two types: emotional and physical.

1. Emotional impotence reflects some psychotic or emotional issues disturbing your sex.

Many females who have been sexually abused, raped or harassed undergo emotional impotence as sex for them came up with disturbing memories and unpleasant experience.

It can happen also when you get to know about the real world, as sex symbolized and fantasies linked with sex in  movies, songs and romantic commercials get burst like a bubble and reality is a bit nasty you might get less emotionally attach with sex.

(Only solution for this type is to get real)

Mental health contributes in this kind of impotence too.

A stressed and pre-occupied mind might not function well in bed as fine as it should.

Symptoms of Female Impotency

The compatibility between partners and situations there relation is facing contributes a lot in sex.

When you have been married for around 6 months and haven’t conceived yet then under this pressure to get pregnant sooner sex might become a regular practice instead of a source of joy.

Getting aware of sexual intimacy at a very early age without a proper guidance might have create some disturbances in young girls making them scared of having sex or talk about it.

This situation can also cause impotence in females.

2. Physical impotence signals issues in your body which are affecting your sex.

The number one reason in female for physical impotence is menopause.

No orgasm in womenIt has so many effects on female genital, reproductive system, behavior,  health and sex life. But all of it is reversible except for reproductive abilities.

Lubrication issues are another thing faced by many women which results in no orgasms during sex and might make it pain full.

Some infections which are unknown to the patient make sex pain full and can effect arousal, lubrication and yearning too (as who will ask for pain anyway).

Certain medications effect female in a way that they feel no need for sex or make arousal difficult for them, arousal leads to lubrication, yearning and then the orgasms are there.

But no arousal means nothing is going to happen. Mostly reported medications for such effects include certain anti depressants.

How to cure impotence?

Impotence is curable but type and duration of treatment depends on type and cause of impotence.

The main thing is to solve that what kind of impotence it is emotional or either physical.

Consult a doctor for proper help but, having issues with sex is common as surveys predict that only 70-80 % of sex results in orgasms.

If problem occurs on a regular note and it seems to last in spite of your efforts you are needed to consult a doctor ASAP.

A guide to evaluate reasons of bad sex your-self at home:

  • Check if this start happening after you start a new medicine, ask your doctor about it but for a quicker clue medicines which dries your mouth dries your vagina also.
  • Go through your life routine and search for things you are worrying over and how much it emphasized you and your health.
  • Look into your relationship with your partner are you both doing good or a bit distant and stressed this can affect your sex life real bad.
  • Get an appointment by your gynecologist to get check for infections your might not aware of.
  • Ask your partner how he feels about sex are you both having issues or it’s just you. If it’s both then problem might underlies in your relationship.

How hard impotence is to treat?

It truly depends to type of impotence and varies person to person also.

Sometimes impotence gets cured only by a use of topical gel like HerSolution especially when cause is related to lubrication and menopause.

Hersolution Gel

While in some cases medications which are disturbing your sex are switched with other ones.

Whereas, in case of infections proper consultation with doctor, dose of antibiotics recommended by doctor and hygiene practices is the cure.

Severe issues arose with victims of sexual abused and in those cases treatment is most prolonged.

Medications along with proper counseling is required, this type of impotence cured in several months and for some cases it extends up to years or so.

What is HerSolution gel?

Hersolution gel is a gel to treat females suffering from impotence.

This gel lubricates the vaginal region and increase the blood flow in that region to make senses feel the most out of sex.

What her solution contains?

This gel is a water based gel which makes it easier to remove after sex.

The ingredients which hydrate the vaginal wall are cocoa and shea butter along with aloe vera. It moisturizes the vaginal region as well as ease in sex later on.

Other things which completes the effects of Her solution gel are; menthol, dipropylene glycol, citric acid, L-arginine, olive squalene, carbopal ultrez polymer, triethanolimine and purified water.

How it works?

Hersolution gel increases the sensations in your body particularly in your vaginal region.

Buy Hersolution Gel OnlineThis makes arousal easier and increases the chances of achieving good orgasms afterwards

It also over all lubricates and hydrates the genitals which results in better functioning of genitals naturally.

It increases the blood flow in pelvis region to revive the muscles and senses in their, which will help in achieving a good sex.

How to use it?

A small amount of gel is needed to be applied on vaginal region before sex and it will work it-self for better results.


Impotence is a real issue and effect people intensely. But, it is curable by following the proper evaluation, guidance and medications.

Many patients who had suffer from it are cured and living a happy and healthy life.

Consult a doctor for your sexual dysfunctions if issues are persistent and doesn’t seems to be leaving.

On the other hand a simple cure to fight impotence is HerSolution gel.

It is natural, effective and quality in a budget kind of product.

It is highly recommended by number of women around the world for its effectiveness in curing impotence and improving over-all sexual health.